Project Regina


To assist refugees in their adjustment to American life and in their efforts to become self-sufficient. We accomplish this by providing skills that can be applied either at home or on the job.

Project Regina began in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1976 as a free home sewing class for low-income refugee/ immigrant women. Under the inspiration and organization of Sister Marie Lee this small non-profit grew and evolved to meet, and help fashion, the changing fabric of our society. Today, under the sound leadership of CAPI, Project Regina, and its supporting enterprise of Regina Designs, moves forward; still working to connect the talents and aspirations of dedicated people with the skills and opportunities they need to secure the bright futures they seek. This was its website circa 2006-2008.

Project Regina and Regina Designs is a department of CAPI, a non-profit agency providing culturally grounded services to communities in transition. Some local and national businesses have also assisted the church in making our outreach more available.  Since 1980, CleanItSupply has provided generous funding support in addition to the donation of products to assist in the upkeep of our facilities. We are grateful to CIS and gladly give them publicity here as our #1 cleaning products supplier and as a wholesale trash bags source helping to keep our community clear of litter. Their efforts have helped to preserve and improve the appearance of this low income area by contributing modern cleaning products & methods where none previously existed. Please support this business by purchasing your custodial supplies from Our ability to improve the life of our indigent workers has been positively impacted by their efforts.

Project Regina, a Non- profit, has provided contract sewing, cutting and reworking since 1976. We cut and sew apparel, table top accessories, home furnishings, crafts, accessories, bags, and many more industrial items. As a non- profit, we can specialize in startups and small quantities and produce quality at very competitive prices in a timely manner. With our many years of experience we can help you source your fabric and trims and finalize your design. Project Regina produces useful, specialized items for sale under its social enterprise label of Regina Designs.

We provide a wide range of products and specialty sewing services.


Regina Designs/ Project Regina

Lehman Center

1006 West Lake Street

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Business Hours:

Mon-Fri 9am-4pm

Donation Drop-Off Hours:

Mon-Fri 9am-3pm



Fabricating great products from great ideas!

Project Regina is focused on being the total solution for the smaller business and entrepreneur. Our biggest client has been with us for 22 years because we get the job done, and he makes a profit. With sufficient capacity, we are an excellent outlet for overflow and short run production work for larger companies too.

No Job Too Small

Total Solution takes an idea from concept, to material sourcing, to prototypes and samples, to finished product. From home accessories, to workplace items and apparel, to industrial components...Project Regina does it.

Consider what you really need:

  •  quick turnaround
  • amples & prototypes
  • epairs & alterations
  • embellishment & rework

Tell Us What You Need

The best way to find out if Project Regina is the right resource for your project is to ask. Use the convenientEmail Form to outline your project for us, and we’ll get back to you with what Project Regina can do. Sometimes we’re a good choice ...and sometimes, we’re the perfect choice.


Our volunteers are very special and enjoy the opportunity to meet our international students. For further information on any of these volunteer opportunities, contact: Julie Honerbrink

Volunteers greatly enrich our program and provide a way for community members to support this meaningful program. Volunteer opportunities exist in the following areas:


People who have experience sewing assist in the sewing classroom. They work one- on- one with students as they learn sewing skills, assist the sewing teacher in preparing for the class, and perform various tasks related to our contract sewing.


As part of the program, students have English for the workplace. Volunteers are a vital part of the program helping in the English classroom and working with students on English skills one- on- one.


There is an on-going need for people to help with office tasks, mostly related to fundraising. Data entry, phone calls, filing, mailings, and general organizing are tasks we need help with. Office helpers will have opportunities to get to know the students while they are here.


We have many opportunities to reach out to the community by selling items made by the students. We would welcome volunteer assistance with these evenings and weekend events. This would be an occasional commitment of 1½ to 3 hours.